Gregory Leahey Named Chief Operating Officer of ReEnergy’s Fuel and Waste Services Division

Albany, NY – Gregory Leahey of Latham, NY has been named Chief Operating Officer of the Fuel and Waste Services Division of ReEnergy Holdings.

Leahey, a founder of ReEnergy, previously served as the company’s senior vice president for asset management.

“Greg has built a successful solid waste business at ReEnergy, and his new title makes clear that he oversees the operation of the company’s solid waste facilities and the manufacturing of a clean fuel that can be used to generate renewable electricity in the Northeast,” said Larry D. Richardson, chief executive officer of ReEnergy Holdings.

Before joining ReEnergy, Leahey served as vice president of recycling and waste services at EAC Operations, Inc. In that role, Greg had profit and loss responsibility for all of EAC’s waste procurement, waste collection, waste transfer, landfill and recycling activities. Leahey also was responsible for the acquisition of a number of waste collection and transportation companies, and negotiation of strategic waste and disposal contracts.

Leahey is a graduate of Union College.

ReEnergy’s waste services division has grown to become the largest processor of construction and demolition (C&D) material in the Northeast U.S. ReEnergy owns and operates four facilities in New England (Epping and Salem, NH; Roxbury, MA and Lewiston, ME) that process C&D material, converting a high percentage of that material to wood chips. Those wood chips are sold to biomass power plants in New England — including to some energy facilities owned by ReEnergy Holdings — and to facilities in Quebec that manufacture particle board. ReEnergy’s energy division, comprised of biomass-to-electricity facilities in the Northeastern U.S., utilizes approximately two tons of fuel per year from ReEnergy’s solid waste division.

About ReEnergy Holdings

ReEnergy Holdings LLC owns and/or operates facilities that use forest-derived woody biomass and other waste residues to produce renewable energy. It also owns facilities in New England that recycle construction and demolition material. ReEnergy owns and/or operates nine energy generating facilities with 325 MW of installed renewable energy generation capacity and processes for recycling more than 700,000 tons per year of construction and demolition material. ReEnergy operates in six states and employs more than 320 people.