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ReEnergy creates affordable, reliable, sustainable and environmentally responsible renewable power using biomass and other waste residues.

Energy Generation Facilities

ReEnergy Biomass Operations' power generation facilities use forest-derived woody biomass and other waste residues to produce renewable energy.

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Solid-Waste Recycling Facilities

ReSource Waste Services' facilities process construction and demolition material and recycle more than 70% of that material for other purposes, including biomass fuel.

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Waste Residues into Energy

Where others see forest residue or waste products, we see clean, abundant fuel – and are using it to make clean, reliable, stable and renewable energy.

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Press Releases

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ReEnergy Empowers People To Live In A Cleaner World

ReEnergy Holdings LLC is a firm dedicated to environmental sustainability that owns assets in the renewable energy sector and the waste and recycling industry. Its primary holdings are ReSource Waste Services LLC, which operates five facilities in New England that recycle construction and demolition waste materials, and ReEnergy Biomass Operations LLC, which owns and operates bioenergy facilities that transform forest-derived, sustainably harvested woody biomass and other waste residues to produce renewable clean energy.

ReEnergy Holdings was formed in 2008 by a senior management team comprised of experienced industry professionals along with an energy-sector focused private equity fund. In 2019, the management team completed a buyout of this fund’s ownership interest.[…] Read More