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The ReEnergy team brings robust experience managing and optimizing energy
facilities across the country.

Asset Management Services

The ReEnergy Difference

ReEnergy Holdings has significant experience and competence in the operations and management (O&M) of energy facilities that utilize biomass material as a fuel. The ReEnergy Holdings operations team has robust experience in implementing procedures and processes that optimize value and mitigate risk. This is done through day-to-day on-site management of facility staff and through the deployment of regional and corporate staff to provide additional support.

Importantly, ReEnergy will bring the “owner’s mindset” to any contract asset management assignment. ReEnergy owns 7 biomass power plants and 4 recycling/fuel processing facilities, making it one of the nation’s largest companies in the biomass-to-energy industry. The same leadership team, systems and programs that are used to manage these facilities will be available to you through this program.

ReEnergy Holdings employs a highly experienced team of regionally based personnel that provide regularized support services to energy generating facilities. These individuals have extensive experience in power plant operations, maintenance, planning, engineering and management. They are deployed frequently to each facility to optimize facility performance and ensure safety, assisting facility-based staff with operations planning and the implementation of those plans. These activities include periodic overhauls, modifications and replacements; repair and maintenance of equipment and systems; preventive maintenance programs that meet the specifications of the equipment manufacturers.