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Owned and Operated by ReEnergy
ReEnergy Salem
87 Lowell Rd., Salem, NH 03079 (603) 894-9800

ReEnergy Salem


  • ReEnergy Salem's facility processes waste into products such as biomass fuels

ReEnergy Holdings owns and operates two large construction and demolition waste and waste-wood processing facilities in New Hampshire that service eastern New England and metropolitan Boston. ReEnergy Salem, one of those facilities, is located in Salem, NH.

Salem, which began operating in 1994, accepts a wide variety of waste from waste handlers, contractors, roofers, landscapers, property managers, clean-out companies and homeowners. The facility recycles virtually all solid, non-hazardous construction and demolition (C&D) materials.

Wood that is recovered in the process ultimately is converted to energy and other products. Metals are sorted, sheared or shredded and reused in steel mills, foundries and other companies inside and outside the United States.

When we are finished processing the materials, they can be used to produce biomass fuels, asphalt paving, new cardboard and drywall, recycled plastic and metal products, and miscellaneous construction materials and soil substitutes.

Salem closes the recycling loop by transforming waste materials into reusable commodities.

The facility is an important corporate citizen in the region, as it provides direct jobs, indirect jobs associated with the use of the fuel supply, and additional jobs tied to local goods and services related to the facility.

Greg Leahey, President & Chief Operating Officer, Waste Services Division
Rich Geisser, Special Projects Manager
David DeVito, General Manager
Fred Bruneau, Environmental Compliance Manager

Facility fact: Reuses or recycles an average of 80% of C&D materials received

Permitted capacity: 175,000 tons per year

Facility accepts: Treated and untreated wood, asphalt shingles, concrete and brick, metal, insulation, wire, glass, carpet, cardboard, corrugated container board, plastics, appliances

87 Lowell Road
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 894-9800