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Owned and Operated by ReEnergy
ReEnergy Roxbury
101 Gerard Street, Boston, MA 02119 (888) 800-6789 and (617) 442-4800

ReEnergy Roxbury


ReEnergy owns and operates ReEnergy Roxbury Inc., which is a construction and demolition material processing facility in Roxbury, MA, that serves the greater Boston area.

ReEnergy Roxbury Inc. accepts and recycles nearly all solid materials from construction and demolition activities.

A large percentage of the material recovered in the recycling process is converted to wood chips, which are sold to biomass power plants in New England and Quebec and to facilities that utilize it as a feedstock as a raw material such as in the manufacturing of particle board.

The facility is an important corporate citizen in the region, as it provides direct jobs, indirect jobs associated with the use of the fuel supply, and additional jobs tied to local goods and services related to the facility.

Stan Walczak, Facility Manager
Greg Leahey, President & Chief Operating Officer, Waste Services Division
Rich Geisser, Special Projects Manager
Fred Bruneau, Environmental Compliance Manager

Facility fact: Reuses or recycles an average of 70% of C&D materials received

Permitted capacity: 225,000 tons per year

Facility accepts: Treated and untreated wood, asphalt shingles, concrete and brick, metal, insulation, wire, glass, carpet, cardboard, corrugated container board, plastics, appliances

101 Gerard Street
Boston, MA 02119
(617) 442-4800