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Owned by ReGenerate/ReEnergy and Operated by ReEnergy
ReEnergy Stratton
27 Fox Farm Rd., ME 04982

ReEnergy Stratton

ReEnergy Stratton, located in the village of Stratton, ME and town of Eustis, ME in Franklin County, uses biomass as its fuel and has the capacity to produce approximately 355,000 net megawatt-hours of electricity each year — enough to supply about 46,000 homes. A portion of ReEnergy Stratton’s electricity is sold to the adjacent Stratton Lumber mill, while the balance is supplied into the regional electricity grid.

The 48 megawatt facility, which opened in 1989, was acquired by ReEnergy in December 2011. ReEnergy Stratton is an important corporate citizen in Franklin County and surrounding region, as it provides direct jobs at the facility, indirect jobs associated with the use of the forest residue fuel supply, and additional jobs tied to local goods and services related to the facility.

To learn more about ReEnergy Livermore Falls, please visit the ReEnergy Biomass Operations website.