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Community Engagement News

Today we were pleased to mark National Bioenergy Day with an Open House at the ReEnergy Stratton facility. Neighbors, friends and government officials visited the facility to enjoy a delicious lunch and site tours.

National Bioenergy Day is an opportunity for our industry to demonstrate the benefits of bioenergy. About 60 participating organizations across the United States and in Canada opened their doors to their communities to inform people about biomass-derived forms of energy. In Washington, D.C., the newly formed Congressional Biomass Caucus conducted a panel discussion about bioenergy. This was the third annual National Bioenergy Day and was made possible with support from: Biomass Power Association; U.S. Forest Service; the U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office; Plum Creek; Pellet Fuels Institute; Biomass Thermal Energy Council; U.S. Industrial Pellet Association; and Biomass Magazine. More information on National Bioenergy Day can be found at

I would like to thank the ReEnergy Stratton team, particularly Regional Manager Mark Thibodeau and Administrative Assistant Diane Perkins, Sarah Boggess and Lori Whitney in the corporate office for their work in planning this event. Events like these are important elements in support of our goal to engage stakeholders and educate our communities about our facilities and the economic and environmental benefits we provide to our local communities.