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Corporate Responsibility
ReEnergy is committed to its stakeholders and places a high priority on workplace health and safety,
environmental stewardship, philanthropy and community engagement.

Corporate Responsibility

ReEnergy strives, every day, to be the best possible employer and corporate citizen. We are intentional in our commitments to our employees, communities and neighbors, and we make every effort to ensure that our interactions with our stakeholders are transparent and mutually beneficial.

We invite you to take a look at our commitments and how we measure ourselves in our interactions with our environment, our communities and our employees.

Community Engagement – Giving back to our communities through charitable giving and involvement in community groups is a central part of our commitment to our neighbors.

Economic Impact
–We support hundreds of good paying, long-term jobs for hard-working individuals in the rural communities near our facilities. Many of these jobs are in the logging industry, as our energy facilities support a market for forest residue.

Environmental Sustainability – We transform forest-derived, sustainably harvested woody biomass and other wood waste residues to produce homegrown, renewable clean energy. This benefits the environment by enhancing forest health and reducing the use of imported fossil fuels. In transforming woody biomass into energy, ReEnergy is committed to complying with stringent environmental standards.

Health & Safety — Our greatest responsibility at ReEnergy is our unwavering commitment to the safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, and neighbors.