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About Us

Our Vision

ReEnergy's goal is to create abundant, renewable and green energy using biomass fuel

We Envision A Greener, Cleaner Earth With Abundant Energy That Is Produced Using Waste And Biomass Fuels. To That End, We Pledge Our Experience, Our Innovation and Our Advanced Technologies.

We’re proving every day that renewable energy production has positive benefits on local economies and ecologies. ReEnergy facilities produce clean, renewable energy from biomass as well as recover biomass fuel and other products for reuse from waste.

We believe that sustainable, renewable energy production is essential to reducing the United States’ dependance on fossil fuels. We are making that happen right now, right here in the United States.

ReEnergy’s entire team understands that investigating and creating new sources of electricity for our world, while respecting the environment, is a critical, long-term need. Sustainable, renewable energy production is essential to reducing the United States’ dependence on fossil fuels.

Each strategic move we make brings that vision closer to reality. We have developed regional assets to ensure that we have sources for our recycling facilities and our energy production facilities. We own facilities that recycle debris into usable raw materials, and power plants that use biomass and other residuals in an environmentally friendly way to produce electricity and reduce greenhouse gases. Even the small amount of ash left over from the combustion process is reused.

These principles form the core of ReEnergy’s vision:

We are constantly reviewing new renewable energy technology, new processes and new facilities to ensure that we have World-Class, 21st-Century Solutions.

ReEnergy is interested in energy solutions that make the world a better place. We believe that our decisions now and in the future will have a meaningful impact on the way the world looks at renewable energy and resources, and we are constantly reviewing new technology, new processes and new facilities.